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Founded in February 2017, Darumatic is a Sydney based IT Company with a strong desire to improve the status quo of every IT Organisation by "building better software".

We specialise in all things Cloud Native and have built our capabilities with key Intellectual Property (IP), strong alliances with major industry players and a meticulous recruitment process to bring great people to the team.

We have taken all our customers on a journey to better infrastructure, new digital assets, more modern functionality and overall, to a better place on either side of the screen.

We can't wait to take you on the same journey...

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Darumatic is inspired by 'Daruma' the Japanese god of persistence who will keep up no matter what happens. Daruma dolls originated in the city of Takasaki (Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo). They are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement.

At Darumatic, we believe we can help you to release safer and more stable code, faster than ever.

For more information about us, please take a look at our company profile here.

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Adrián Deccico

Co-founder and Director of Darumatic

It was 2006 and I was working for one of the biggest American telcos within a team of 20 developers. More often than not, updating our source code from others work was an adventure that ended up with broken system functionality or even worse, code that wouldn't even compile. This would frustrate and slow down everybody. I refused to accept this situation and I told myself that there has to be a better way.

Luckily, Martin Fowler and his influential 'Continuous Integration' article came along to show me the way. My DevOps heart was born. From that moment I successfully installed my first CI server and developed my own automated testing tool. This greatly improved my team's productivity and code quality. Afterwards, life took me across two other continents and other companies. But in any place I worked I would continue to unravel the power of automation, CI and devops for dramatic productivity improvements.

Now in beautiful Sydney and with CI more established, the DevOps Gods gave us even more: the cloud, microservices, Docker containers, Kubernetes and Openshift orchestration to continue this hyperbolic productivity growth. That is why we setup Darumatic, inspired by 'Daruma' the Japanese god of persistence that will keep up no matter what happens. In Darumatic we believe we can help you to release safer and more stable code faster than ever.

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Felix Schmitz

Co-founder and Director of Darumatic

My passion for software started in primary school when my uncle handed me down an old 8086. In high-school I was the class' treasurer and I taught myself Turbo Pascal and wrote software to keep track of payments, after that I learned Java and how to build object oriented software. After graduating and being an intern at IBM in Germany for three years I decided to move to Australia to learn another non-programming language: English.

I'm excited about getting involved in the process of designing, building and releasing software which solves customer problems.

In previous roles at Compuware, Atlassian, Reserve Bank of Australia, ABN Amro and a startup I have contributed and learned how enterprise software is built and I am interested in contributing hands-on to the software development lifecycle.

The era of DevOps has started and with Darumatic I'm excited to work with our clients in improving the release process to reduce bugs and improve the speed of the release process. I think that organizations will greatly benefit from DevOps, because it is not just about automating as much as possible, but also encouraging a cultural change in how software is released. Encouraging to release early and often and to learn fast from mistakes. I think DevOps is well aligned with the agile development process which encourages IT to work with the business in a collaborative manner.

Thanks a lot for stopping by at our website!

Feel free to drop me a line at any time and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on DevOps!

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