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    Permanent or Temporary Workforce

    We are flexible when it comes down to help you succeed delivering your project. We have experience delivering the whole project or bringing our expertise to the table as part of your team in a permanent or temporary basis.

    Bringing the right people does make a huge difference. We take pride on our meticulous selection process and work. Our team have succeed across many IT roles such as:

    • Product / Project Manager
    • Solutions / Enterprise Architect
    • Software Developer
    • DevOps Engineer
    • BI Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • QA Engineer

    Software Development

    Such as Australia's more than 300 spoken languages we can speak NodeJS, Java, Python, Bash, Perl, Ruby or any esoteric assembly construction that run your backend APIs.

    As per our values, we strive for Engineering Excellence and will always put you first by telling you the pros and cons of any technical decision. We are on your side!

    We have delivered countless digital assets. Some very public (more info in our blog and study cases) and some others hidden in the datacentres of many enterprises.

    Above all we aim for Cloud Native solutions. We are proud members of the CNCF foundation and believe that the future (and present) will be powered by code that can seamlessly run on any cloud and in your own datacentre with minimal effort.



    DevOps methodologies have come to stay. Beyond the buzzword there is the promise of improving the performance of your organization with a culture or collaboration, high visibility but also with more engaged employees and customers.

    It has been measured(*) that companies that fully apply DevOps deploy 200 times more frequently, recover 24 times faster from errors and are three times less likely to break functionality with a new release. They also go from code to production 2,555 times faster than low performing companies! But the benefits also include 10% more time for your employees to create new features rather than fixing production issues or other unplanned work.

    But DevOps is not a particular tool or software or box you can switch on. Rather than that it is a philosophy that you can progressively apply to your company and get benefits way beyond your investment.

    Interested? Where is your company located in the DevOps journey. At Darumatic we have experience delivering dramatic improvements to multiple software development teams. We have been applying DevOps techniques, such as continuous integration, automated test and deployment for around 10 years.

    In particular we can partner up with you to achieve the following:

    • Setting up or improving your continuous integration pipelines to improve the time from commit to production.
    • Setting up your infrastructure as code to make sure your environments are not snowflakes but can be fully reproduced in house or in the cloud.
    • Add information radiators to make sure everybody has visibility over the status of the project.
    • Setting up and improving tools to manage your source code, issue tracking, artifacts management and more. Create custom tools or plugins (Atlassian / Jenkins and others) to deliver personalized solutions.

    (*) State of Devops report by Puppet and Dora (Devops Research & Assessment)

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud and VPN providers like Amazon Web Services, Google or DigitalOcean remove the need to operate your own data center. However the opportunity to use a potentially infinite amount of resources comes with a challenge. The amount of computing resources used determines the costs of operating your IT in the cloud.

    We can work with you in analyzing your existing application stack and determine which applications can be ported into the cloud and how. Moving a monolithic application into the cloud will not bring the desired benefits and rather leads to increased cost.

    Services we provide:

    • Migrating applications into the cloud.
    • Deploy K8 to build a cloud provider agnostic infrastructure to avoid vendor lock-in .
    • Redesign build and release process to work with the cloud.



    In modern IT companies infrastructure like servers, databases, application servers, storage can be made available to developers in an automated way, this puts a challenge on the developer to also be able to quickly deploy new applications. Containerisation helps in identifying all application dependencies and to produce a container image with the running software. Container images allow your software to be quickly deployed into a test, user acceptance or production environment.

    If you are moving into a micro-service architecture containerisation plays an important part, because teams focused on different application logic (e.g. user service, attachment service) produce more application artefacts compared to a monolithic application. Containerisation helps in simplifying the deployment of the entire application, because each services is shipped as a separate and independent unit.

    Services we provide:

    • Assist in breaking down your monolithic Java application into docker container images.
    • Setting up Kubernetes or OpenShift as a container orchestration tool.
    • Train developers on how to write applications which run on Kubernetes.
    • Train IT administrators on how to operate Kubernetes.

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