Interested in Containers?

The hype about containers is strong and (let's be honest) sounds unnecessary to many people. Now that we just have tons of powerful vm's in the cloud and petabytes of storage ready to be used, we can scale as much as we want so...

Why do we need containers and Kubernetes?

With Kubernetes and Docker we can easily avoid the cloud lock-in while getting the same benefits of scalability, load balancing and high resiliency in any cloud or in our own infrastructure.

We, Darumatic, offer one day classroom training sessions in the CBD of Sydney to learn more about Docker, Kubernetes and DevOps tools.

With our training you will learn why containers are superior to virtual machines (and actually quite different) how they can multiply your productivity and why we need a container manager (Kubernetes) to orchestrate everything nicely and effortlessly.

Register your interest below and we will inform you when these hands-on courses become available!

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I am interested in these courses:

Create and deploy Docker containers

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Running containerised applications
  • Docker Hub
  • Persistance and shared state
  • Networking models
  • Isolating Docker containers

Setup a Kubernetes cluster

  • Kubernetes Architecture Node, Pod, Container, Service
  • Kubernetes Components: Kubelet, Kubeproxy, API server, scheduler, kube-dns
  • Setup a cluster from scratch
  • Deploy a containerised application

10x Productivity with DevOps tools

  • Source Code Management with Git and Bitbucket server
  • Issue tracking with JIRA
  • CI/CD with Bitbucket pipelines
  • CI/CD with Jenkins
  • Artifacts Management with Artifactory
  • Configuration Management with Ansible
  • Configuration Management with Chef
  • Image generation with Packer
  • Monitoring with Nagios
  • Log Management with ELK stack

Containerising Java Spring Applications

  • Example Java Spring Boot application with a relational DB
  • Identify components for microservices
  • Assemble microservices as Docker images
  • Deploy containers into a Kubernetes cluster
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