Case Studies

Success Stories

Find out more about projects we delivered in the past. The case studies provide an overview of the technologies used covering Infrastructure and Software.

Property Portal

A custom investor portal with custom workflows, DocuSign integration for contract signing and an ASIC integration to submit 484 form data.

Regulatory Industry

A project to containerize a vendor application and to develop out a recipe to deploy to an EKS cluster on AWS. Now used to take this vendor's application global.

State Government

Bespoke Kubernetes cluster to host a fleet of in-house developed applications.

Financial Services

We build an OpenShift container platform in multiple regions covering the platform as well as related components.

NSW Covid Safe Check-In

We developed a solution to safely record people visiting different venues while keeping information private and safe.

NSW Digital Drivers Licence

An electronic version of the NSW Driver Licence available through the Service NSW app.

Recruitment Portal

A system manages jobs, candidates, recruitment process. It provide critical insights of recruitment metrics reports.

ASIC Integration

We use Solid Java & React SDK and Spring Boot RESTful to ease your ASIC integration. Fully support for ASIC FORM 484 and RA71.

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