Property Investment Portal

Investment and Investor management

The system manages investments, investors, contracts, payments and documents. It includes a custom workflow engine to control the lifecycle of investment, which greatly improved the investment onboarding efficiency.

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Custom Workflow Engine

Designed for fractional property investment, control the whole investment lifecycle.

RBAC model

Strict role based permission for accessing investment information.

High Efficiency

Improved speed for onboarding new Investors.

Paperless Office

All documents are electronically singed and the system is integrated with DocuSign.

A fully integrated suite of fractional ownership property investment system

Investment System Image


We maintain our solid technology stack.


The frontend is developed with React and Antd. The system is built upon React components.

Kotlin + Spring Boot

The backend is developed with Kotlin and Spring Boot. Each API is well designed and tested.


We use Gitlab CI/CD, and AWS EKS for deployment. We use AWS RDS and also S3 for documents.

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