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May 18, 2017


Adrián Deccico

Around ten years ago Continuous Integration and DevOps came to disrupt how we develop software. It wasn't an easy sell, change is always difficult but teams who adopted it benefited from one or two orders of magnitude of more productivity. According to the last State of DevOps report, companies on the new train deploy 200 times more frequently and recover 24 times faster from errors among other benefits.

Nowadays nobody discusses DevOps or the related technologies: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, Automated Testing, etc. It took a long time (around ten years) but we got there. Personally I envangelized DevOps in some top-tier companies in Australia, the US, Europe and South America. In retrospective I'm very glad I did it.

But innovation never stops and the same explosive productivity gains from CI and DevOps can now be found with containers (Docker mainly) and containers orchestration (Kubernetes). Kubernetes in particular while less known than Docker is leading the revolution in this space.

Container technologies solved some difficult problems with isolation, application environment and dependencies but also introduced new challenges in the way they scale, consume resources and interact with other containers or even the host. Kubernetes on the other hand, provides an elegant solution on how to make all the containers beautifully play together in the same orchestra.

How can Darumatic help your company?

While there are big benefits from using Kubernees and Docker to develop and release your software, the complexity of doing so is still high. This is where Darumatic can help. We are leaders in Kubernetes installation and management in Sydney. We have deployed it in several environments and we can definitely work with you to avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of it.

Do you want to move your development team's productivity to the next level? Contact us and lets start a new productive journey together.

Adrián Deccico Co-founder of Darumatic


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